Shade Trees

Shade trees are generally defined simply as being specimens grown specifically to shield a yard from the sun’s rays, thus providing welcome cool in summer. Shade trees with spreading canopies will be most successful in blocking out the sunshine across wide areas.

Zone 6 and Zone 7 Trees

  • Thuja Green Giant: Thick, compact privacy screen. Easy to grow. Grows 3-5 feet per year once established.
  • Royal Empress Tree: Grows up to 12 feet a year. Dense foliage and fragrant blooms.
  • Nellie Stevens Holly: Year round privacy. Fast growing Holly.
  • Tulip Poplar: Gold foliage. Full yellow blooms. Grows up to 6 feet per year.
  • Leyland Cypress: Grows 3-4 feet per year.
  • Willow Hybrid: Fastest growing screen. Gros up to 6 feet per year.
  • Summer Red Maple: Fall color in late summer. Very fast growing.
  • Weeping Willow: Easy to grow. Grows in puddles. Fast growing.
  • Autumn Blaze Maple: Long lasting orange, red and purple fall foliage.
  • Lombardy Poplar: Easy to grow. Great for windbreaks and privacy.
  • Hybrid Poplar: Quick source of shade. Frows up to 8 feet per year.
  • American Holly: Fast growing holly. Grows anywhere in dry regions.
  • Okame Cherry: Gorgeous pink blooms. Springs first flowers.
  • Scarlet Red Maple: Fast growing maple. Bright red foliage. Easy to grow.
  • Autumn Cherry: Blooms in spring and fall. Elegant white flowers.
  • Autumn Purple Ash: Long lasting oragne, red and purple fall foliage.
  • Kwanzan Cherry: Vibrant Pink blooms.
  • Cleveland Pear: Drought tolerant. Flowering privacy tree.
  • Cryptomeria: Soft feathery foliage. Grows in any soil.

Zone 7 Trees

  • Arapaho Crap: Bright red color. Grows in tight spots.
  • Cleveland Pear: Flowering privacy tree. New pear tree hybrid.
  • Drought Resistant Evergreen: Perfect for arid regions. Grows 3 feet per year.
  • Muskogee Crape: Lavernder blooms. Flowers for 120 days.
  • Natchez Crape: Fast growing. Soft white blooms.
  • Tuscarora Crape: Light red or pink blooms. Easy to grow.

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