Sod and Seeding

Sodding Services

Sod lawns are a large part of the grass lawn industry in Idaho. The benefit of creating a lawn from sod is that you almost instantly have a growing green area where nothing was the day before. Sod lawns are planted by seed or other vegetative methods at commercial farms, and grown generally for one to three years to create your new instant lawn. Here are some things to consider:

The expense of someone else growing your lawn on their property with all of the associated expenses that are involved in producing top quality sod along with a fair profit determine sod prices.
Your sod lawn should normally be installed within 24 hours of when your sod was harvested.
If you can’t plant it right away, you can spread out the sod on the ground and by keeping it watered daily it will live indefinitely.

Do not leave sod on pallets for generally more than 48 hours, and even then you need to both keep the palleted sod moist and shaded to survive.

Seeding Services

Hydro seeding is popular for golf course construction, roadside work, commercial and industrial jobs. When an area is hydro seeded it will have a bright colorful look at first, but the color will leave as it dries. Normally, the hydro seed mulch will stay in place until the grass begins to grow. Often a larger machine is used for this type work and the seed may be sprayed from a platform mounted gun. When hydro seeding with either a gun or a hose, any seed can be used – turf grass, bluegrass, rye grass, fescue, centepede, bermuda, bahia, pasture mixes, timothy, millet, clover, crown vetch, native grasses and wildflower mixes. Most any turf type seed can be hydro seeded.

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